Natural Hazards

Wildfires, floods, and other climate-related disasters are becoming more extensive and costly as the climate changes. Our research helps communities understand where people may be vulnerable, and how strategies such as land use planning can help reduce risk.

AI generated oil painting of flooded valley community

Report Interactive

Latinos face higher flood risks than other groups

Headwaters Economics and the Hispanic Access Foundation have released a report that shows that 44% of Latinos live in counties with high flood risk, as opposed to 35% of non-Latinos.

Prioritizing people in mobile home park buyouts

Many mobile home parks face higher flood risk and relocation may be the best option. A review of 12 mobile home park buyout projects illustrates how policy innovation and resident engagement can increase success.

Austin, Texas: Built for Wildfire

In this ten-minute video produced by Headwaters Economics, learn how leaders in Austin, TX came to realize the magnitude of the wildfire threat, and how they brought together diverse interests to protect their community.

Aerial view of neighborhood destroyed by wildfire.

The unequal impacts of wildfire

See where wildfire risk intersects social and economic factors that can make it difficult for people to prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfire.

Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire

Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) works with communities to reduce wildfire risk through improved land use planning. The program is a program of Headwaters Economics, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service.

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