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Headwaters Economics is an independent, nonprofit research group that works to improve community development and land management decisions in the West.

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Headwaters Economics provides original and effective research to people and organizations that make a difference in the West.

How We Work

The team at Headwaters Economics blends innovative research with extensive on-the-ground experience. We have worked with a range of partners across the West for more than 25 years.

Headwaters Economics works with community leaders, landowners, public land managers, elected officials, and business owners.  Our goal is to give these partners credible information they can use to identify and solve problems.

A substantial portion of our work focuses on providing access to information that supports better decisions for natural resources management and community development. Closely related is our interest in improving the transparency and accountability of these decisions.

Headwaters Economics determines what research topics to pursue and the best way to interpret research findings. Our research also goes through peer review, and is routinely published in scientific journals such as the Journal of Forestry, Solutions Journal, Journal of Rural Studies, Landscape and Urban Planning, Society and Natural Resources, Growth and Change, and Human Ecology Review.

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Here’s a recent profile of Executive Director Ray Rasker and our work across the West.


Headwaters Economics receives funding from a wide variety of sources as part of our mission to improve community development and land management decisions in the West.

Our revenue comes from numerous places: federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service; partnerships on specific projects, including the Montana Legislature, Madison County, Montana, and Stanford University; local development or community organizations such Economic Development Central Oregon and the Seattle Foundation; charitable foundations, such as the Kendeda Fund and the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust; and contract work for non-profit organizations.

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Headwaters Economics
Mail: P.O. Box 7059, Bozeman MT 59771
Deliveries: 270 W. Kagy, Suite G, Bozeman MT 59715 (Google Map)
Phone: 406.570.8937
Email: chris@headwaterseconomics.org

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