Meet our FloodWise team

Too many communities lack the resources they need to prepare for floods. Watch Headwaters Economics’ FloodWise team discuss how they are working directly with community leaders to reduce the risks of flooding.

Public land ownership in the United States

Public lands influence the economy, demographics, and fiscal policies of communities. Explore maps and county-level data for the 828 million acres of federal, state, and municipal land in the U.S.

Assisting communities

Headwaters Economics works directly with communities to help them become more resilient to the threats of floods and wildfire, and to economic transition.

Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) works with communities to reduce wildfire risk through improved land use planning.

FloodWise Community Assistance provides free technical assistance to decrease flood risk and strengthen communities.

Headwaters Economics’ outdoor recreation program helps communities leverage their natural amenities to diversify their economies.

Prioritizing people in mobile home park buyouts

Many mobile home parks face higher flood risk and relocation may be the best option. A review of 12 mobile home park buyout projects illustrates how policy innovation and resident engagement can increase success.

Economic impact of national parks

Millions of national park visitors generate economic opportunities for gateway communities, spending money that creates jobs and income. See the trends for every national park service unit.

A rural capacity map

A new map helps identify communities where investments in staffing and expertise are needed to support infrastructure and climate resilience projects.

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The unequal impacts of flooding

Headwaters Economics has conducted an analysis of flood and socioeconomic data to illustrate where flood risks disproportionality affect vulnerable populations.

Austin, Texas: Built for Wildfire

See how leaders in Austin, TX came to realize the magnitude of the wildfire threat, and how they brought together diverse interests to protect their community.

Aerial view of neighborhood destroyed by wildfire.

The unequal impacts of wildfire

See where wildfire risk intersects social and economic factors that can make it difficult for people to prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfire.

Missing the mark

A new analysis shows that managing the built environment is the most effective strategy at reducing wildfire risk to communities, yet it receives the least funding and policy support.

A new approach for wildfire policy

A new report from the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission recommends transformative approaches needed to overcome the wildfire crisis.

About Headwaters Economics

Headwaters Economics is an independent, nonprofit research group that works to improve community development and land management decisions.

Our Data Tools

Headwaters Economics maintains free, easy-to-use tools to help you better understand socioeconomic data and trends. Find data from dozens of sources for thousands of places in the United States.

Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire

Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) works with communities to reduce wildfire risk through improved land use planning. The program is a program of Headwaters Economics, in partnership with the USDA Forest Service.