Newsletter: February 2019

— Our latest research, Newsletter: February 2019, contains research on neighborhoods at risk from climate change, how recreation counties outperform their peers economically, detailed socioeconomic profiles for counties near BLM units, and a blog on land use planning being more effective than logging to reduce wildfire disasters. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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Newsletter: December 2018

— Our latest research, Newsletter: December 2018, contains research on building wildfire-resistant homes, a trails toolkit, helping communities reduce wildfire risk through land use planning, and Montana's outdoor recreation economy. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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Newsletter: October 2018

— Our latest research, Newsletter: October 2018, contains research on Austin wildfires and vulnerable populations, watershed and recreation best practices, San Luis Valley and wildfire, and diversifying Bonner County, Idaho's economy.

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Newsletter: June 2018

— Our latest research on the economic impact of National Parks, homes in high-risk wildfire areas in Montana, updated socioeconomic reports by sector, and downloadable economic profiles for communities near National Forests.

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