Newsletter: April 2018

— Our latest research on communities threatened by wildfires, Montana losing open space to home construction, the economic impact of trails in Whitefish, Montana, and an update to our Populations at Risk reports for any community, county, or state.

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Newsletter: February 2018

— Our latest research on the benefits of trails to communities, creating an endowment to provide stable federal county payments, the Taos County economy, and mapping vulnerable populations whether in Great Lakes cities or with wildfire risk in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Newsletter: December 2017

— Our latest research on timber transitions, improving coal fiscal policies, planning for wildfire risk in Montana, and staff commentary on county poverty rates and youth migration in the West.

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Newsletter: November 2017

— Our latest research on helping communities reduce wildfire risk, the latest data and updated tools to help users better understand their economy, the West-Wide Atlas, and the Economic Profile System.

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