Newsletter: December 2018

— Our latest research, Newsletter: December 2018, contains research on building wildfire-resistant homes, a trails toolkit, helping communities reduce wildfire risk through land use planning, and Montana's outdoor recreation economy.

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Newsletter: October 2018

— Our latest research, Newsletter: October 2018, contains research on Austin wildfires and vulnerable populations, watershed and recreation best practices, San Luis Valley and wildfire, and diversifying Bonner County, Idaho's economy.

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Newsletter: June 2018

— Our latest research on the economic impact of National Parks, homes in high-risk wildfire areas in Montana, updated socioeconomic reports by sector, and downloadable economic profiles for communities near National Forests.

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Newsletter: May 2018

— Our latest research on the full local cost of wildfires, National Monuments redesignated as National Parks, transition plans for coal communities, Gallatin County's economy and open space, and measuring the economic impact of proposed trails.

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