Newsletter: April 2018

Our latest research on communities threatened by wildfires, Montana losing open space to home construction, the economic impact of trails in Whitefish, Montana, and an update to our Populations at Risk reports for any community, county, or state.

Research Update: April 2018

communitywildfireCommunities Threatened by Wildfires
Major wildfires have threatened more than 3,000 communities since 2000. The costs and dangers of wildfires are increasing. Headwaters Economics’ interactive map identifies communities threatened by wildfire between 2000 and 2017. Many are developing strategies to minimize the risk of wildfires in the future.

montanahomeconstructionMontana Losing Open Space
Nearly half of all homes were built on large lots since 1990.

whitefishtrailuseTrails Impact Local Economy
Measuring how the Whitefish, Montana trails system supports the local economy.

populationsatrisk‘Populations at Risk’ Update
Easily create reports for any community, county, or state.