Brent is a mix of artist, technician and jack-of-all-tradesman. After growing up off-grid in central Oregon and spending most of his life in Montana, he understands life in rural communities. Brent provides web and media support to Headwaters, offering a holistic balance between technical need and creative expression. He is passionate about telling other people’s stories through images, moving and still. He holds a B.S. in Technology Education from Montana State University. In his free time, you can find him with a camera in hand, hiking Montana’s many mountains and traveling the world with his family.

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A new map helps identify communities where investments in staffing and expertise are needed to support infrastructure and climate resilience projects.

A rural capacity map

In this ten-minute video produced by Headwaters Economics, learn how leaders in Austin, TX came to realize the magnitude of the wildfire threat, and how they brought together diverse interests to protect their community.

Austin, Texas: Built for Wildfire