Home Construction in Montana

Montana’s housing market is recovering. Explore historical and recent trends in home construction for the state and every county in Montana.

  • Since 1970, the number of single-family homes in Montana has more than doubled, from roughly 150,000 homes to 322,000 in 2013.
  • Despite the recent recession, more than 44,000 homes were built from 2003 to 2013 when home construction outpaced any previous ten year period in Montana’s history.
  • All parts of Montana are not performing equally. The 18 western Montana counties account for 75 percent of homes built since 1990 (77,000 new homes). In contrast, the 38 eastern Montana counties saw far less growth during the same period (adding 25,500 homes).
  • As the population grows, home construction in Montana is changing the state’s landscape, traffic patterns, farming and ranching uses, wildlife habitat, and wildfire risk.