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Reducing Wildfire Risk to Communities

This report outlines a number of solutions to alter the pace, scale, and pattern of future development in the Wildland-Urban Interface.

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summit_county summit_county

Better Planning to Reduce Wildfire Risk: A Summit County Case Study and Lessons for Other Communities

Wildfires pose a growing threat to many communities. As more development occurs near wildfire-prone lands, there is a growing need to reduce risk through improved land use policies and tools.

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Summary: Wildfire Costs, New Development, and Rising Temperatures

This summary highlights the major research Headwaters Economics has conducted concerning controlling fire suppression costs, state case studies, and the growth of homes in the WUI.

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Lessons for Wildfire from Federal Flood Risk Management Programs

This paper reviews the experience of national floodplain management programs to draw lessons for new approaches to reduce the costs and risks posed by wildfire to properties in the Wildland-Urban Interface.

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Ray Rasker Ray Rasker

Wildfire Budget, Incentives, and Missed Opportunities

INSIGHT, Oct. 23, 2014: The failure of Congress to pass wildfire disaster funding is a missed opportunity for two reasons: one to stop ‘fire borrowing’ and second to reduce risks and costs to homeowners and the taxpayer.

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firewise-home-comp firewise-home-comp

Study Finds No Evidence Firewise Lowers Suppression Costs

Study finds no evidence of a relationship between wildfire suppression costs and Firewise participation, suggesting policies should focus on other solutions to lower future expenditures, such as preventing development in high risk areas.

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Local Responses to Wildfire Risks Are Limited

This study reviews how western communities are addressing wildfire risk, how they have responded to recent major fires, and useful lessons and public policy insights for the future.

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The Rising Cost of Wildfire Protection

This report describes how the protection of homes in the Wildland-Urban Interface has added to wildfire costs and concludes with a discussion of solutions that may help control escalating risks and expenses.

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Wildfire and WUI Development Wildfire and WUI Development

As Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Develops, Firefighting Costs Will Soar

Fighting wildfires costs have averaged more than $3 billion per year, and home protection contributes substantially to this amount. The majority of the WUI in the West is currently undeveloped, but building on these lands will significantly drive up costs.

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sisters_oregon_second sisters_oregon_second

Oregon Home Building, Higher Temperatures Drive Price Tag Ever Higher

This Headwaters Economics study analyzes the impact of housing and climate on the costs of fighting forest fires in National Forests of Oregon.

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