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Federal Coal Royalty Valuation: Current Structure, Effective Rates, and Reform Options

This report analyzes how revenues from federal coal are obtained, reviews problems with the current system, estimates current effective royalty rates, and offers several reform options.

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Mark Haggerty Mark Haggerty

Falling Oil Prices: Good for the U.S. Economy, Bad for Shale Communities?

INSIGHT, Nov. 5, 2014: Lower oil prices could be great for the economy, but for the communities dependent on drilling, the price drop may prove challenging for several reasons.

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How Is Fracking Shaping Your Community and Economy?

Monitoring can help local governments better understand the socioeconomic impacts caused by energy development, and support requests to industry and state government for assistance to implement appropriate mitigation.

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Benefits of Renewable Energy in the West Vary Widely

The West is rich in renewable energy opportunities, but our research demonstrates that property tax revenues from this development vary widely across 17 rural study counties.

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Long-Term Energy Development Has Negative Impacts on Western Counties

This paper demonstrates that when fossil fuel development plays a prominent, long-term role in local western economies there are negative effects on per capita income, crime rates, and educational attainment.

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Med-western US states Med-western US states

Unconventional Oil Revenues to Local Governments

This report compares how local governments receive production tax revenue from unconventional oil extraction across seven major oil-producing states: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

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Truck traffic from energy development Truck traffic from energy development

Fiscal Lessons for State and Local Governments

This report focuses on the challenges for state and local communities caused by unconventional oil and natural gas development and a number of fiscal best practices that address them.

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The Proposed SunZia Transmission Line: A Guide for Decision Makers

This report analyzes the proposed SunZia transmission line, finding that the project, as currently configured, depends on its ability to export renewable energy from New Mexico to markets in Arizona and California.

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Report: New Mexico’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry

This graphical analysis reviews the status of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry including production, drilling activity, and its role in the state’s economy.

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Green Jobs Metrics

This research summary offers an overview of efforts to quantify the national green economy in terms of job creation from several perspectives.

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