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County Payments: History, Context, and Policy

These intreractive maps show how federal land payments are distributed to counties and states. The Payments History maps show current payments, recent trends, and payments as a percent of county budgets. The Policy Options map projects the change in these payments if SRS is not reauthorized.

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Coal Royalty Reform: Impact on Prices, Production, and State Revenue

The proposed federal coal royalty reform rule could have substantial revenue benefits for federal and state governments, limited impact on coal production or prices on federal lands, and increased transparency.

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Reducing Wildfire Risk to Communities

This report outlines a number of solutions to alter the pace, scale, and pattern of future development in the Wildland-Urban Interface.

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Teton County Trails & Pathways Survey Shows Extensive Local Use

Survey shows that nine out of 10 respondents use the pathways and trails in Teton County, Wyoming. Such surveys help community leaders, stakeholders, and citizens plan for the future of pathways and trails systems.

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Bonner County, Idaho’s Resilient Economy

Analysis shows that Bonner County’s economy has grown steadily and been resilient, despite recessions and losing several large employers, and many local businesses arecommitted to the community and its high quality of life.

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Better Planning to Reduce Wildfire Risk: A Summit County Case Study and Lessons for Other Communities

Wildfires pose a growing threat to many communities. As more development occurs near wildfire-prone lands, there is a growing need to reduce risk through improved land use policies and tools.

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Trails Research and Searchable Benefits Library

Headwaters Economics compiled more than 90 studies on the impacts of trails in a single library, searchable by type of benefit, use, year, and region.

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Economic Development Opportunities in Wheeler County, Oregon

Like many rural counties in the West, Wheeler County faces economic difficulties. It also has untapped resources and opportunities, which suggest the possibility of a brighter economic future.

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Arch at sunrise, Grand County, Utah

The Economic Value of Public Lands in Grand County, Utah

This updated report analyzes the economic value of public lands in Grand County, Utah and the important role that these lands play for local businesses and the well-being of the region’s economy.

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What Do Local Governments Receive from Oil and Gas Production Taxes?

Revenues and distributions vary by state policy, land ownership, and well productivity. Interactive shows results for 16 major unconventional plays in the U.S.

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