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Arch at sunrise, Grand County, Utah

The Economic Value of Public Lands in Grand County, Utah

This updated report analyzes the economic value of public lands in Grand County, Utah and the important role that these lands play for local businesses and elected officials because of the close tie between public land resources and the well-being of the region’s economy.

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County Payments Timeline

County Payments Research

NEW INTERACTIVE: Shows trends, context, analysis, and policy options concerning federal land payments for every county and state.

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County Payments: History, Context, and Policy

These intreractive maps show how federal land payments are distributed to counties and states. The Payments History maps show current payments, recent trends, and payments as a percent of county budgets. The Policy Options map projects the change in these payments if SRS is not reauthorized.

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Red Eagle Mountain, Montana

Haymakers Report: Montana’s Economy, Public Lands, and Competitive Advantage

This report summarizes Montana’s economy, analyzing how it has grown and what is driving its performance, including a description of how federal lands help attract people, investment, and businesses.

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Federal Coal Royalty Valuation: Current Structure, Effective Rates, and Reform Options

This report analyzes how revenues from federal coal are obtained, reviews problems with the current system, estimates current effective royalty rates, and offers several reform options.

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Migration & Population Trends in the West Vary by County Type

County migration and population trends in the West constantly change due to demographic and economic forces. We summarize counties into four types: high-wage services, farm-dependent, oil and natural gas boom, and retirement destinations.

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Economic Opportunities in the Blackfoot Watershed

This report provides an overview of the Blackfoot River watershed’s economy and summarizes the findings from six focus groups, held during the summer of 2014, to explore economic opportunities.

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The Tongass Transition Framework: A New Path Forward?

This report examines whether the Tongass Transition Framework, which proposed a “new path forward,” is working to enhance economic opportunities in southeast Alaska while conserving the National Forest.

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Time to Create a Natural Resources Trust

It’s time to create a natural resources trust. Unlike most countries and state governments, the U.S. has not created a natural resources trust. This essay uses timber and offshore payments to show how a fund would work to meet volatility and spending challenges.

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Migration & Population Trends in the West Vary by County Type

Explore the four county types and their migration and natural population change (births and deaths).

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