Newsletter: December 2015

Our latest research on the Three Wests, the impacts of federal royalty rate reforms on coal and natural gas, home construction in Montana, and our newest staffer: Janet Clark.

Research Update

LWCFThe Three Wests: Access to Markets Matters
This interactive map and research show that there are three distinct types of counties in the West—Metro, Connected, and Isolated—defined by their access to major markets and population centers.

coal truckHow Royalty Changes Impact Coal & Natural Gas
A detailed study of how proposals to reform federal royalty rates would impact coal and natural gas, finding that the proposed changes would increase costs for natural gas by a larger amount compared to coal.

home construction montanaHome Construction in Montana
This research and data—for all counties and statewide—show that Montana’s housing market is recovering, but that historical and recent trends in home construction vary widely across the state.

Janet ClarkNew Staff: Janet Clark
Janet has worked with agencies, tribes, universities and nonprofits throughout the West. She holds a B.A. from Penn State University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Montana State University.