High Divide GIS Data

Headwaters Economics developed historical and forecasted housing data for the High Divide based on county tax assessor records. Download GIS data showing 2013 home counts per Public Land Survey Section.

Downloadable GIS Data

This post is part of larger research by Headwaters Economics concerning historical and forecasted housing data based on county tax assessor records, which are used for collecting property taxes and are a reliable data source.

For each High Divide county, we collected the location and year-built for every single-family home.  The tax assessors provided home locations in “Quarter Sections”, which are 160-acre blocks of land delineated by the Public Land Survey Section System.

Headwaters Economics then generated a 10-year forecast based on the development patterns that occurred from 2003 to 2013, the latest year of available historic data.  The forecasts show where and how much development might occur by 2023.

The map below provides access to zipped GIS shapefiles summarizing the number of homes present in 2013 per Public Land Survey Section. Sections are approximately 640 acres blocks of land.

Metadata documentation provides details on data sources, attribute table codes and values, and projection information.

Historical residential data and forecasts at the quarter-section level are available on request.