Newsletter: March 2014

Our latest research on the importance of non-labor income in the West, unconventional oil revenues, and free socioeconomic reports with details on every U.S. county.

Non-Labor IncomeNon-Labor Income: Strong and Growing
Across the West, non-labor income makes up 34 percent of total personal income; and it is growing, representing 60 percent of net personal income growth in the last decade. Our research, sortable data table, and interactive graphics explore what this important source of income means for every county in the West.

energy-fiscalUnconventional Oil Revenues: Windfall or Missed Opportunity?
This report compares how well seven major oil-producing states return production tax revenue to local governments to help them mitigate impacts and plan for long-term economic development. States studied: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

print-ready-epsSocioeconomic Details on Every U.S. County
We created free socioeconomic profiles of every county in the nation. With a single click, users now can open print-ready reports that show a county’s population, wages and employment by industry, non-labor income, migration and more. These reports are part of our free EPS software and make accessing important local data easier than ever.