Newsletter: Fall 2013

Our latest research on climate impacts in the Great Lakes region, using tools to determine vulnerability to climate change, understanding income from National Forests, and why state tax policy matters.

Great_Lakes_InteractiveGreat Lakes Climate Change Impacts
This interactive atlas, created in cooperation with the University of Michigan, displays social and economic characteristics that may be impacted by changes in the climate of the Great Lakes region.

Vulnerabilities_to_Climate_ChangeDetermining Vulnerabilities to Climate Change
This step-by-step guidance document shows how to use our free EPS-HDT software to gather demographic and economic information on vulnerabilities to climate change and develop adaptation strategies.

Understanding_Income_on_National_ForestsUnderstanding Income from National Forests
This updated interactive provides gross receipts from commercial activities on all National Forests, at the Forest, State, and USFS Region level through 2012.

Why_State_Energy_Tax_Policy_MattersWhy State Energy Tax Policy Matters
This analysis compares the unconventional energy tax policies of leading oil and natural gas producing states, and how to reconcile the benefits of job and revenue growth with the impacts of rapid industrialization and growing populations.