EPS: Getting the Economics Right

Getting accurate, timely economic data is vital to making informed land-use and community development decisions. Our updated Economic Profile System (EPS) helps decision makers access and analyze large amounts of information, about their community, or anywhere in the United States.

EPS was created jointly by Headwaters Economics, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service. Our latest newsletter (pdf) shows you how to apply this free, user-friendly software, and its 14 detailed reports on specific economic sectors, including mining, non-labor income, and the economic importance of natural amenities.

EPS Newsletter Highlights:

  • Details on each of the 14 reports.
  • Instructions on how to easily start using and sharing EPS reports.

Also at Headwaters Economics:

  • Headwaters Economics ongoing studies of fossil fuel extraction and western economies.
  • A report outlining possible effects of climate change on the Crown of the Continent.
  • An interactive page showing how each unit National Park System creates jobs in gateway communities.
Ray Rasker, Ph.D.

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