Economic Profile System: Making Better Economic and Land Management Decisions

Newsletter on updates to the Economic Profile System is a free, easy-to-use software application that produces detailed socioeconomic profiles.

The Economic Profile System (EPS) is a free, easy-to-use software application used by public lands managers, county planners, economic development directors, county commissioners, businesses, researchers, and others to produce detailed socioeconomic profiles of their communities, counties, and regions. Read more about EPS in our latest newsletter or click here to utilize EPS directly, including reports for more than 90,000 geographies nation-wide including towns, counties, and states.


  • EPS is constantly improving with more than 15,000 users. Later this year new EPS tools will be released that will produce detailed, industry-specific analysis. (See page four of the newsletter.)
  • There are three ways to produce detailed EPS profiles automatically and efficiently at a variety of geographic scales from our web page. (See page two.)
  • Learn how Headwaters Economics uses EPS on a daily basis as a powerful research and outreach tool. (See page three.)

Key Benefits of EPS:

  • EPS is free
  • Easy to use for both experts and non-economists
  • Uses only published statistics from federal data sources
  • Updated every year with the latest data
  • Available nation-wide
  • Estimates data gaps for rural geographies