Gallatin County’s Economy, Growth, and Open Space

This report summarizes Gallatin County's economy, how it has grown, and what is driving its performance. The report also describes how growth threatens open space and the role these lands play in local quality of life.

  • Overall, Gallatin County’s economy is performing well. From 2001-2016, Gallatin County’s employment increased by 55 percent while total real personal income increased by 111 percent. Compared to Montana, Gallatin County’s real per capita income grew 12 percent faster.
  • As Gallatin County’s economy diversifies, all sectors of the economy are growing, except farm.
  • Since 1990, Gallatin County has lost more open space than any other county in Montana.

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Gallatin County Is Growing Faster Than Montana

Gallatin County vs. Montana, Percent Change, 2001-2016
From 2001–2016, Gallatin County’s population, employment, total real personal income, and real per capita income increased substantially faster than Montana as a whole.

Average Annual Population Change, 2000-2016
From 2001-2016, Gallatin County’s population grew 3x faster than the state

Gallatin County’s high quality of life and natural amenities attract entrepreneurs, workers, retirees, and tourists. While the economy diversifies, the rapid pace of growth threatens the open space and natural amenities that draw and keep people here.