Samantha Estabrook

Sown and sprouted in rural Kansas, Samantha has a steadfast commitment to the interconnectedness of flora, fauna, and folks, and the land they all rely upon.

An American Institute Certified Planner (AICP) and Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), Samantha is attuned to the tensions between human development and ecological systems. She brings a holistic and dynamic approach to Headwaters Economics’ research team with a focus on how land use policy impacts ecological and social vitality.

As a systems thinker, Samantha applies skills and experience in municipal project management, community engagement, community climate adaptation techniques, and data tool development to Headwaters Economics’ multiple research initiatives.

Prior to joining Headwaters Economics, Samantha served as a resiliency planner for a community in Kansas where she worked with property owners and state and federal officials. As she developed and implemented flood mitigation plans, she saw firsthand how land use policies can create hazards for humans when the policies encroach on ecological systems.

Today Samantha applies her municipal experience, interdisciplinary spirit, and project management skills to supporting and shaping just, livable communities.

Samantha holds a master’s degree in regional and community planning from Kansas State University.