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Populations at Risk

Populations at Risk is a tool to generate reports about at risk populations. Click “Start Now” to generate and download your report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Populations at Risk?

Populations at Risk is a tool to generate reports with socioeconomic information about populations more likely to experience adverse social, health, or economic outcomes due to their race, age, gender, poverty status, or other factors.

View a sample report (PDF).

What type of data are in Populations at Risk reports?

The reports use the Census’ American Community Survey (ACS) to provide social, health, and economic data along with race, age, gender, poverty, and other socioeconomic measures.

What geographies are included in Populations at Risk reports?

The reports are available for nine levels of geography ranging from Census tracts to states. The specific geographic levels are:

  • Census tracts
  • Census designated places (communities)
  • American Indian and native areas
  • County subdivisions
  • Counties
  • Congressional districts
  • Combined statistical areas
  • Metro and rural portions of states
  • States

How much does it cost to use PAR?

Populations at Risk is free to use. With the help of our partners, the BLM, US Forest Service, and Kresge Foundation, Headwaters Economics developed Populations at Risk to improve public access to high-quality data about our more vulnerable citizens.

How often is PAR updated?

Populations at Risk displays data from the Census’ American Community Survey (ACS), which is released annually in December. The latest available numbers are reflected in PAR reports within a maximum of 90 days after publication by the Census.

How should I cite data from Populations at Risk reports?

Headwaters Economics recommends that you cite data from Populations at Risk reports using the citation provided at the bottom of each Data and Graphics page within the report. For example:

U.S. Department of Commerce. 2013. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Office, Washington, D.C., reported by Headwaters Economics’ Populations at Risk, https://headwaterseconomics.org/par.

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