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Populations at Risk

Populations at Risk is a tool to generate reports about at risk populations. Click “Start Now” to:
1. Select your geographies.
2. Choose the format you like.
3. Download your report.

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Populations at Risk
is free and easy to use

Quickly create and download reports of current socioeconomic data in Excel or PDF.

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Build reports for geographies across the U.S.

Build reports for places ranging from census tracts to states. It also can compare or aggregate multiple geographies.

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Uses the latest available numbers

Populations at Risk reports use reliable, government data available nationwide and published annually.

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Try Our Economic Profile System

Similar to Populations at Risk, the Economic Profile System (EPS) generates reports on a range of topics including local economics, demographics, and income sources while providing historic context and trends.

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Learn to create a simple report

This video shows you how to create a report for a single city within seconds.

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Learn to create reports for neighborhoods

This video shows you how to create a report that compares neighborhoods (census tracts) within a city.

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