Newsletter: November 2019

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State Trust Lands

State Trust Lands in Transition

One of every 20 acres in the western United States is state trust land, managed to generate revenue for public institutions such as schools. Are states maximizing revenue? How are they responding to changing social values? What are the land use implications if federal lands are transferred to states? We take a deep dive with a four-part series.

State Outdoor Recreation Economies

The outdoor recreation economy is large, growing faster than the overall economy, and includes jobs in many industries. See state-by-state data.

Wildfire Resistance: How Homes Burn

Community leaders learn how to build fire-adapted communities. See video and highlights from a summit held at Big Sky, Montana.

Economic Profile System

Online Tool Creates Economic Profiles

The Economic Profile System (EPS) is an easy way to create free, customized reports for your community about demographics, tourism, land use, economic sectors, and more.