Newsletter: November 2017

Our latest research on helping communities reduce wildfire risk, the latest data and updated tools to help users better understand their economy, the West-Wide Atlas, and the Economic Profile System.

Research Update: November 2017

oiaCommunities Reduce Wildfire Risk Through Land Use Planning
Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) has selected eight new communities for 2018 to receive customized assistance, including land use planning, capacity building, risk assessments, and specialized research. CPAW now works with 26 communities to reduce wildfire risk.

knowyoureconomyKnow Your Economy
Updated, easy-to-use tools provide the latest data for every county in the nation.

westwideatlasWest-Wide Atlas
Interactive map shows latest trends in income, jobs, and population for every western county.

epsEconomic Profile System
Quickly create detailed custom profiles for communities, counties, and states.