Newsletter: March 2015

Our latest research on county payments, federal coal royalties, Montana's economy and its public lands, and the economic opportunities in the Blackfoot River watershed.

Research Update

County PaymentsCounty Payments History, Context, and Projections
New interactive maps show three views of federal land payments to counties and states: the history of recent payments, as a percent of county budgets, and future payments because SRS is not reauthorized.

CoalFederal Coal Royalties: Current Structure, Rates, and Reform Options
This report analyzes how revenues from federal coal are obtained, reviews problems with the current system, estimates current effective royalty rates, and offers reform options.

MontanaMontana’s Economy, Public Lands, and Competitive Advantage
A study and presentation summarizing Montana’s economy, how it has grown, and what is driving performance—including a description of how federal lands help attract people, investment, and businesses.

MontanaEconomic Opportunities in the Blackfoot Watershed
This report provides an overview of the economy in Montana’s Blackfoot River watershed and summarizes the findings from six focus groups, held last year, to explore economic opportunities.