Newsletter: June 2017

Our latest research on the local economic importance of National Monuments, the impact of every National Park Service unit to gateway communities, and details for public lands in every county and state in the nation.

Research Update: June 2017

nationalmonumentsThe Economic Importance of National Monuments to Local Communities
All the local economies adjacent to 17 national monuments analyzed in the West expanded following each monument’s creation. This updated research and interactive map show that trends in important economic indicators—population, employment, personal income, and per capita income—increased after creation of the monuments.

nationalparksEconomic Impact of National Parks
These updated interactive charts and background materials display 2016 data and trends for visits, spending, jobs, and income created in gateway communities for every National Park Service unit.

EPSUpdated Demographic Information for Every Community, County, or State
Did you know? Three out of four acres of federal lands in the continental western U.S. are managed for multiple uses, including commercial activities. One out of four acres has more restrictive management for areas such as national parks, wildlife refuges, and national monuments. Use our EPS tool to run a Public Land Amenities report for details about any county or state in the U.S.