Newsletter: February 2017

Our latest research on the value of federal public lands, manufacturing in the West, economic data and trends for communities, and government employment's role in local economies.

Research Update: February 2017

federallandsFederal Lands in the West: Liability or Asset?
This updated report analyzes rural counties in the West, finding that those with more federal lands performed better economically on average than their peers with less federal lands.

manufacturingManufacturing and the Rural West
This review analyzes trends in manufacturing and what they mean for the people and communities of the American West, with insights for rural areas.

cityscapeKnow Your Economy: Tools for Every Community
Understanding your local economy and how it compares to peers is a crucial part of community and economic development. These updated, easy-to-use tools create reports utilizing the latest data and trends for every county in the nation.

EPSGovernment Employment and the Local Economy
Did you know? Out of 100 U.S. workers, 10 work for local and state government and 3 for the federal government or the military. In rural communities, government jobs often represent a significant share of employment and income. Use our Economic Profile System (EPS) tool to run a Government report for any county, state, or region.