Newsletter: December 2014

Our latest research on migration and population trends in the West, the Tongass Transition Framework, the need for a Natural Resources Trust, and the impact of the federal budget on county payments.

Research Update

MigrationMigration and Population Trends in the West
New research summarizes how county type influences changing migration and population trends. We provide an interactive map, county-level data table, and literature review.

TongassTongass Transition Framework Stalled
Our analysis shows the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska remains focused on old growth harvests without improving economic opportunities for communities and at a significant cost to taxpayers.

TrustTime to Create a Natural Resources Trust
Unlike most countries and state governments, the U.S. has not created a natural resources trust. This essay uses timber and offshore payments to show how a fund would work to meet volatility and spending challenges.

CountyPaymentsThe Impact of the Federal Budget on County Payments
The just-passed federal budget includes PILT but not SRS payments—resulting in significant revenue declines. We provide a detailed analysis and sortable spreadsheet for every U.S. county.