Newsletter: December 2013

Our latest research on the economic impact of long-term energy development, an interactive atlas of the West's economy, winners and losers from proposed county payments reforms, North Dakota's oil revenue sharing program, and the economic potential of the Owyhee Canyonlands in Malheur County, Oregon.

oil_gas_durationLong-Term Energy Development Has Negative Impact on Counties
This paper demonstrates that when fossil fuel development plays a prominent, long-term role in local western economies there are negative effects on per capita income, crime rates, and educational attainment.

west_wide_atlasNew Atlas Shows Diversifying Western Economy
Headwaters Economics created a new interactive atlas and summary that show trends in the western economy at the county, state, and regional level, and what is driving growth and diversification.

county_payments_timelineWinners & Losers from Proposed County Payments Reforms
We analyzed the potential impacts of the latest Senate and House county payments reform proposals, and what each would mean for specific counties across the country.

oil_well_ndNorth Dakota Not Returning Adequate Oil Revenue to Local Governments
This analysis shows how North Dakota provides local governments with oil production tax revenue—and that many communities are not receiving the resources necessary to build and maintain infrastructure and to provide services during the boom.

owyhee_canyonlandsOwyhee Canyonlands Hold Economic Potential
This report analyzes the economic potential of protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands region in Malheur County, Oregon; and compares that county to several western, rural counties that have a substantial amount of protected federal land.