Newsletter: April 2015

Our latest research on trails, the economic value of public lands in Grand County, Utah, economic development opportunities in Wheeler County, Oregon, and climate impacts in the Great Lakes region.

Research Update

Trails ResearchTrails Research and Searchable Benefits Library
To help community leaders, elected officials, trail users, and others we compiled more than 90 studies on the impacts and benefits of trails into a single library, searchable by type of benefit, use, year, and region.

Grand County, UtahUpdated: The Economic Value of Public Lands in Grand County, Utah
This updated report analyzes the economic value of Grand County’s public lands and the important role these lands play for local businesses and the well-being of the region’s economy.

Wheeler County, OregonEconomic Development Opportunities in Wheeler County, Oregon
Like many western rural counties, Wheeler County faces economic difficulties. It also has untapped resources—such as local entrepreneurship and attractive public lands—to build a brighter economic future.

Great Lakes ClimateUpdated: Great Lakes Climate Change Impacts
This interactive atlas, with updated socioeconomic data and created in cooperation with the University of Michigan, shows how counties may be impacted by climate changes in the Great Lakes region.