Newsletter: April 2014

Our latest research on Firewise and suppression costs, case studies of how western communities respond to wildfire risk, the economic impact of National Park Service units, and measuring the restoration economy.

FirewiseStudy Finds No Evidence Firewise Lowers Suppression Costs
While Firewise helps to increase homeowner and firefighter safety, our study finds no evidence of a relationship between wildfire suppression costs and Firewise participation.

fire-case-studiesLocal Responses to Wildfire Risks Are Limited
These eight case studies highlight that most western communities are doing little to address the growing dangers of future wildfires.

national-park-impactsEconomic Impact of National Park Service Units
This updated interactive shows the visits, spending, jobs, and income created in gateway communities for each National Park Service unit. We also provide research on the broader economic benefits of protected public lands that extend beyond tourism.

measuring-restoration-economyMeasuring the Restoration Economy
This report calculates the economic impacts of the growing restoration industry in Custer and Lemhi counties, Idaho during the past five years.