County Payments, Jobs, and Forest Health

This post summarizes a newsletter discussing the future of county payments, a White Paper to better to understand how possible reforms, and other research items.

Headwaters Economics has analyzed how federal land payments—compensation to counties for non-taxable federal lands—play a critical role in public lands management, local economic opportunities, and government services such as roads, schools, and public safety.

Future payments are at risk, and Headwaters Economics has written a White Paper to better to understand how possible reforms meet three goals: provide reliable payments to schools and governments, support economic growth, and improve the health and value of forests.

Read the Newsletter.

County Payments Highlights

  • County payments have adapted to changing economic conditions. (See page two of the newsletter.)
  • The changing economic role of public lands. (See page two.)
  • Analyzing the impact of possible reforms. (See page three.)

Also at Headwaters Economics:

  • Headwaters Economics worked with partners to document residential development along the Yellowstone River. (See page three or full resource.)
  • For the economic importance of southern New Mexico’s natural assets. (See page three or full resource.)