Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

A new report highlights the role of Montana’s outdoor recreation economy in spending, jobs, and economic diversification.

  • Montana’s outdoor recreation economy is a powerhouse, generating $7.1 billion in consumer spending and more than 71,000 jobs.
  • Montana residents account for more than half of outdoor recreation spending in the state.
  • Outdoor recreation and access to public lands strengthens community well-being and gives Montana a competitive advantage, helping to attract and retain businesses, families, and visitors.
  • The Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation recently was established to support the outdoor recreation economy in the state.

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This report was produced for the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation. Below are some selected images showing the importance of Montana’s outdoor recreation economy. Read or download the full report or review the report’s references and data sources.

Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

$7.1 billion in consumer spending
hiking near Helena

Creating more than 71,000 jobs and generating $7.1 billion in consumer spending, outdoor recreation helps diversify our economy, improves our quality of life, and strengthens our community wellbeing.

For many Montana communities, access to year-round outdoor recreation in our shared public lands and water is an essential component of long-term economic development and community identity. As more residents and visitors are active in Montana’s great outdoors, stewardship of recreation assets requires investment of time, energy and money for healthier communities, economies, and people.

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