Denver Transit Equity Analysis, Image of Denver RTD Bus, Denver RTD Flickr

Austin Wildfire and Vulnerable Populations Tool,

Best Practices for Watersheds and Recreation, Schweitzer Mountain Resort overlooking Sandpoint, Idaho. Scott Rulander, Gem Vision Productions

Galyna Andrishko, featured image of White Sands National Monument for “National Monuments Redesignated National Parks” and Zack Frank for image of Bandelier National Monument

Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman, featured image for “President’s Budget Proposal Cuts County Payments”

Gatlinburg wildfire image is from the Grundy County Herald

Banner images from Chris Boyer, Kestrel Aerial

Trail and Pathway Use in Jackson Hole images is from Friends of Pathways

Coal Royalty Reform image is from Grist,

Federal Coal Program in Context images from file photo; Associated Press/Matthew Brown

Wheeler County images: Tyler Roemer

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge image from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Trails research image: Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Firewise research image: International Association of Fire Chiefs

Wildfire case studies: Christian Science Monitor, 2012. Wildfire nears a house outside Cle Elum, Washington

Idaho restoration photo credit: Matthew Green

Fire cost study image “Firewise” by Monte Dolack used by permission, Monty Dolack Gallery, Missoula Montana

Energy Category Banner: © 2010 Del Duncan Photography,

Fossil Fuel Extraction and Western Economies photo, Rig worker in western Colorado, ©Ed Ksomicki,

Three Wests Tool: Denver photo by Michael Stratton

Bison Atlas: Bison photo by Keith Aune

Southeast Alaska Report: Totem photo by Hugh Rose Photography,

Wildfire Category: Banner photo by Dan Tentler

Reducing Wildfire Risk to Communities image credit: Los Angeles County Fire Department

Wildfire: Except for banner photo and where otherwise noted, wildfire photos courtesy of

Montana Legacy Project: Landscape by John Lambing

Okanogan Report: Landscape by Michael McKelvey

Timber, Restoration Forestry and Wilderness in Northeast Washington Report: Parade by Eric Zamora

Clean Energy Report: Solar array installation, Denver International Airport, Colorado

National Monuments: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitor Center courtesy of Bureau of Land Management

Downtown Missoula on a fall day: Jackie Corday

Grand County, Utah photo of arch at sunrise by Whit Richardson.

Colorado Energy Report photo from KUNC.

Waldo Canyon Fire, AP/National Post:

Fiscal Best Practices,

Reports Show Economic Potential of New Maine National Park, Quang-Tuan Luong

Clark Fork Restoration Photo by Great Falls Tribune

Blackfoot Watershed photo by Benjamin Donatelle