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EPS-HDT: Socioeconomic Profiles

Economic Profile System –
Human Dimensions Toolkit

EPS-HDT is a free, easy-to-use software application that runs in Excel, from your desktop, and produces detailed socioeconomic reports of communities, counties, states, and regions, including custom aggregations and comparisons.

EPS-HDT uses published statistics from federal data sources, including the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Commerce; Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor; and others.

System Requirements:
Windows (XP/Vista/7) with Microsoft Excel (Office 2003/07/10/13).
Mac (OS X 10.6+) with Microsoft Excel (Office 2011).
Price: Free. Download Size: 4MB.

The new Excel 2013 compatible version of EPS-HDT is now available! Click “register” to download it now.

For more information, contact:
Patricia Gude at 406.599.7425 or [email]


  • Free.
  • Available nation-wide — any state, county, custom combination of geographies, and for the Demographics report, also sub-county.
  • Updated annually with the latest data.
  • Uses reliable, published government data.
  • Works on PC and Mac.

Charts and Interpretation

EPS-HDT Report page
Report Page
EPS-HDT Report page- INterpretive text
Interpretive Text

Each report creates info-filled charts for every country in the country, with interpretive text offering insights, methodologies, and data sources.

For example (700K PDF):
Gallatin County, MT

We also offer pre-generated PDF reports for all U.S. counties.

How-To Videos

How To Generate A Report

Register, then Download EPS-HDT from Headwaters Economics. The EPS-HDT program runs in Microsoft Excel. Once downloaded and installed, EPS-HDT will be listed as one of Excel’s Add-Ins.

To use EPS-HDT

EPS-HDT Generate a Report- app screenshotStep 1: Open Excel and click the top-menu “Add-Ins” tab.

EPS-HDT Step 1- Add-Ins tab- screenshot

Step 2: Click open the “EPS-HDT” pull-down menu that will appear on the left.

EPS-HDT Step 1- Select Geography pull-down- screenshot

Step 3: Scroll to and choose the “Select Geographies” menu option.


Types of Reports

EPS-HDT can produce 14 separate reports covering:

  • Two General Reports– a detailed overview report and summary version cover long-term trends for population, jobs, personal income, economic sectors, unemployment, etc.
  • Six Sector Reports– examine trends in employment, wages, and proprietors for agriculture, mining and energy, services, travel and tourism, government, and timber
  • Demographics– describes population, age, race, education, and income
  • Non-labor income– such as transfer payments, retirement, and investment income
  • Land use– examines land ownership, land cover, ownership, and residential development
  • Amenities– looks at the role public lands play in providing economic benefits and attracting people, retirees, and businesses
  • Development and Wildfire– for the West only, describes development of homes on lands near fire-prone public lands
  • Payments from Federal Lands– federal payments county governments receive such as PILT, SRS, etc.

Sample Report Pages

EPS-HDT Report page- Trends

Summary– shows side-by-side comparisons between geographies.

EPS-HDT Report page- Farm Income

Agriculture– shows net farm income over time.

EPS-HDT Report page- Timber Emplyment

Timber– shows employment by type.

EPS-HDT Report page- Land Ownership

Land Use– shows land ownership by county.



Documentation PDFs


EPS-HDT was designed and funded in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

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