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About Us

Headwaters Economics is an independent, nonprofit research group that works to improve community development and land management decisions in the West.

How We Work

The staff at Headwaters Economics blends innovative research with extensive on-the-ground experience, working with a range of partners across the West for more than 25 years.

We work with community leaders, landowners, public land managers, elected officials, and business owners.  Our goal is to give these partners credible information they can use to identify and solve problems.

A substantial portion of our work focuses on providing better access to information that supports improved decision-making on the management of natural resources and community development. Closely related is our interest in improving the transparency and accountability of these decisions.

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Contact Us

Headwaters Economics
Mail: P.O. Box 7059, Bozeman MT 59771
Deliveries: 270 W. Kagy, Suite G, Bozeman MT 59715 (Google Map)
Phone: 406.570.8937


Headwaters Economics receives funding from a wide variety of sources.