Headwaters Economics

National Forest Socioeconomic Indicators

Explore the socioeconomic conditions in counties surrounding National Forests.


Enter a National Forest name, and select your choice from the dropdown menu. Ex. Allegheny, Sierra, or Olympic National Forest

Click the “DOWNLOAD REPORT” button. The tool will generate a report for you. Check your download folder if the report does not open.

For more detailed reports, try the Economic Profile System (EPS)

The Economic Profile System generates reports on a range of topics including local economics, demographics, and income sources while providing historic context and trends.

Economic Profile System >>


Reports on at-risk populations are available

Populations at Risk is a tool to generate reports with socioeconomic information about populations more likely to experience adverse social, health, or economic outcomes due to their race, age, gender, poverty status, or other factors.

Populations at Risk >>

Commercial Activities on National Forests

Headwaters Economics also has created two interactive maps that show commercial activities on National Forests—such as income from grazing, recreation, timber harvests, and timber cuts—at a variety of scales:

  • Gross Receipts from Commercial Activities allows users to view and download data on gross receipts from all commercial activities at the National Forest, State, and National Forest Region scale for Fiscal Years 1986 to 2016.
  • Timber Cut and Sold Reports allow users to view and download cut and sold data on timber volume, value, and price at the National Forest, State, and National Forest Region scale for Fiscal Years 1980 to 2017.