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The Tongass Transition Framework: A New Path Forward?

This report examines whether the Tongass National Forest’s Transition Framework, which proposed a “new path forward,” is working to enhance economic opportunities for southeast Alaska communities while conserving the National Forest.

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Chris Mehl Chris Mehl

Getting the Economics Right: Communities, National Forests, and Local Development Decisions

INSIGHT, Nov. 17, 2014: Getting the economics right is important for communities to compete in a modern economy. We’ve created a number of tools to help rural, western communities better understand current trends as well as the role of the nearby National Forest or other public lands.

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Mark Haggerty Mark Haggerty

Time for a U.S. Natural Resources Trust?

INSIGHT, Nov. 13, 2014: Compared to other nations and even U.S. states, the federal government is a conspicuous laggard in creating a natural resources trust which would allow for stable, permanent, and ever rising payments to states and local governments without risks to taxpayers.

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Megan Lawson Megan Lawson

On Halloween, Many Counties with High Death Rates Still Growing

INSIGHT, Oct. 30, 2014: It’s All Hallow’s Eve, so we decided to look at western counties where the dead most recently were living. But a high death rate does not mean a county is faring poorly. Like most things, it’s complicated.

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Megan Lawson Megan Lawson

Baby Boomers Move Near Protected Lands, Help Drive Economies

INSIGHT, Oct. 29, 2014: Protected federal lands (such as Wilderness or National Parks) not only preserve unique landscapes, but have the potential to attract in-migrants such as baby boomers, which in turn help support a robust local economy.

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Ray Rasker Ray Rasker

Today’s Economy, Political Rhetoric Too Often Don’t Match

INSIGHT, Oct. 24, 2014: Today’s economy is much different than what we hear in the rhetoric from current politicians. We need our leaders to wrestle with current problems rather than old ones.

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Visitor Center at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitor Center at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

The Economic Importance of National Monuments to Local Communities

UPDATED: Research and interactive map showing that the economies of communities adjacent to 17 national monuments studied in the West all expanded following the monument’s creation.

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The Economic Impacts of Restoration in Central Idaho

This report provides a way to calculate the economic impacts of natural resource restoration activities to nearby communities that should be helpful to local officials, agency staff, and policy analysts.

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Non-Labor Income: Large and Growing in Importance Across the West

Non-labor income (NLI) is one of the largest and fastest growing sources of income in the West, constituting 34 percent of total personal income in 2011; and 60 percent of net growth in real personal income during the last decade.

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West’s Economy Outperforming Rest of United States

This summary analyzes the West’s economy, the region’s economic performance, and what is driving economic growth.

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